Metals & Minerals

You might possibly be throwing money away in your produced water.  In addition to cleaning the water through our process we can also extract any Mineral or Metal. In some cases, the minerals and metals extracted are more valuable than the crude oil being produced.  These could include but are not limited to, Lithium, Cobalt, Salt, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Vanadium. Through analysis of our clients produced water, Kaizen Fluid Systems can easily determine if it is feasible to extract.  One of our clients that operates in the North East contained Levels of Lithium around 450 PPM, and another location in the same state had Lithium levels around 13,000 PPM.  These levels are worth millions of dollars at today‚Äôs market prices.  As crude oil prices fluctuate, the value of the minerals and metals have continued to increase in market value.


If you are interested in knowing what valuable assets may be entrained in your produced water, please fill out our "Contact Us" form.